20 September 2018

Allan McDonell (Collachie)


"After some difficulty, in which the Mohawk Indians figured as peacemakers, Sir John Johnson and Allan McDonell (Collachie) signed a paper agreeing "upon his word and honor immediately deliver up all cannon, arms, and other military stores, of what kind soever, which may be in his own possession...". [Source]

"The six of the chiefs of the Highland clan of the McDonells made prisoners were, Allan McDonell, sen. (Collachie), Allan McDonell, Jnr., Alexander McDonell, Ronald McDonell, Archibald McDonell, and John McDonell, all of whom were sent to Reading, Pennsylvania, with their three servants, and later to Lancaster." [Ibid]

  In Lee's History of the County of Inverness the following passage occurs:

    In 1773 a newspaper informs us that three gentlemen of the name of Macdonell, with their families and 400 Highlanders...embarked for America, having obtained a grant of land in Albany.

    The three gentlemen referred to were three brothers, John Macdonell of Leek, Allan Macdonell of Collachie and Alexander Macdonell of Aberchalder. [Source]

   Allan Macdonell of Collachie married a daughter of "The MacNab"... . [Ibid]

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