30 July 2018

Katherine (Knox) Geddes, Great-Grandaughter Of Estate

Wayne County, Michigan, Probate (Alpha Index Card)
Probate File# 20412
*Geddes, Katherine
Great-Granddaughter of Estate
Of Benjamin Mumford
25 Sunnyside Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Daughter of Charles A. Knox


Wayne County, Michigan
Probate File# 20412
[Image 6] and [Image 7] - Coversheets For List Of Heirs and Adm.
Benjamin Mumford
Died: 30 July 1880
City of Newport, Rhode Island
Will Dated: 25 March 1880
Island Cemetery (he had 3 wives)
(Family Plot)
Estate 1894
Mumford, Louisa, widow (died about 1886), Newport, R.I.
", Avis, sister
Knox, Rebecca G., daughter (a widow), died August 1900, Waterloo, New York
Mumford, Benjamin Goddard (deceased son), late of Providence, R.I.
Mumford, Thomas C., son (died 16 Feb. 1903), Providence, R.I.
Lawton, Mary S., daughter (died 7 Feb. 1904), Laconia, N.H.
"  ", James, son-in-law, Laconia, N.H.
Swinburne, Martha C., daughter (died 3 Oct. 1910), Newport, R.I.
"  ", George W., son-in-law, Newport, R.I.
Sterne, Elizabeth, daughter, Newport, R.I.
"   , John (deceased)
Mumford, Catherine T., daughter (died 23 June 1902), teacher-unmarried, Detroit, Wayne, Mich.
Bacon, Sarah P., daughter,102 Alexandrine St., Detroit, Wayne, Mich.
Bacon, A. Harwood, son-in-law "    "
Manning, Sarah M., granddaughter (died Feb. 1908), child of Rebecca Knox, Waterloo, N.Y.
Knox, Charles A., grandson (died June 1899) child of Rebecca Knox, Waterloo, N.Y.
Manning, Charles K., great-grandson, son of Sarah Manning, 7 Schussler, Worcester, Mass.
*Geddes, Katherine, child of Charles A. Knox
Geddes, J.G., husband of Katherine, 35 Sunnyside, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dewitt, Edith, greatgranddaughter, child of Charles A. Knox, "   "
Dewitt, S.C., husband (Sarah Edith), 35 Sunnyside, "  "
Knox, William S., greatgrandson, child of Charles A. Knox, 816 Johnson St., Portland, Oregon
Knox, Frederick H., greatgrandson, child of " " (died 18 April 1914, at age 23, unmarried)
Burton, Anna M., mother of Frederick H. Knox
Mumford, Alice D., granddaughter (died 22 July 1917, unmarried), child of Benj., Providence, R.I.
Mumford, Charles C., grandson, a judge, child of Benj. G. Mumford, Providence, R.I.
Littell, Sarah M., granddaughter (died 27 Sept. 1905) child of Thomas Mumford, Providence, R.I.
Mumford, Benjamin, grandson, child of Thomas Mumford, Providence, R.I.
Witter, Ann, granddaughter,        "                        "                        "
Mumford, Ida, "                               "                                "                     "
Littell, Grace, greatgranddaughter, child of Sarah Littell
Lawton, John S. (M.D.) grandson, child of Mary and James Lawton, St. Joseph, Missouri
Lovett, Sadie, granddaughter,         "     ", Chelsea, Mass.
Swinburne, George Way, grandson (died 3 Feb. 1916), child of Martha and George Swinburne, Newport, R.I.
Robinson, Mary M.S. granddaughter, child of Martha and George Swinburne, Newport, R.I.
Swinburne, John H., grandson,                "                                                                  "
Swinburne, Susan P., granddaughter, "                                                             "
Swinburne, James G., grandson,        "                                           "
Swinburne, Mozelle, granddaughter-in-law, widow of George Way Swinburne, Newport, R.I.
Swinburne, George Way, Jr., greatgrandson, child of George Way and Mozelle Swinburne " "
Swinburne, Nathanial, witness to Will, Newport, R.I.
Simmons, Lewis L., nephew of Louisa Mumford, Newport, R.I.
Lovett, Charles C., grandson-in-law, husband of Sadie Lovett, Webster St., Chelsea, Mass.
Wiley, George, Administrator, de bonis non, Detroit, Michigan

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