22 June 2018

The Six Beautiful Sisters

Lieutenant-General John Maunsell, 1724-1795

 He had received, with the other officers who had served in America, a grant from the government of lands in New York and Vermont, near those granted to his comrade, Major Skene, where Whitehall (old Skenesborough) now stands.

Returning to New York, he espoused for his second wife Elizabeth Stillwell, widow of Captain Peter Wraxall, which the register of Trinity church records under the date of June 11, 1763. She was of remarkable beauty, as her portrait, in the possession of the family of the late H. Maunsell Schieffelin, testifies; and she was one of " the six beautiful sisters," daughters of Richard Stillwell, of Shrewsbury, and Mercy Sands, among whom were

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Clark, mother of the wife of Bishop Moore, and of

Lady Affleck

Lady Affleck, the mother of

Lady Holland

Lady Holland, and Mrs. De Visme, mother of Theodosia, wife of Aaron Burr, who was the mother of Theodosia Burr Alston. [Source: The magazine of American history with notes and queries]

Theodosia Burr Alston

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