09 April 2018

The Attempted Conquest Of Florida


"The colonists were to number five hundred, of which one hundred should be soldiers, one hundred sailors, and the balance officials, and artisans, such as stone cutters, carpenters, locksmiths, sawyers, smiths, and barbers, all fully armed. Two hundred of the settlers were to be married, and at least one hundred were to be labourers and farmers. Aviles was authorised to divide out the land...among the settlers and to construct at least two towns, each of them to have not less than one hundred inhabitants and to be provided with a fort for its protection. The company was to include four members of the Society of Jesus, with ten or twelve monks of any order he saw fit... ." [Ibid] 

"He was ordered to reconnoitre the Gulf coast of the peninsula and from the Florida Keys as far north as Newfoundland... . 

"And finally came the main purpose of the asiento, the expulsion of the French." [Ibid]

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