01 April 2018

Colonel Talbot Chambers, A Born Autocrat

"The only law in vogue was that of the military; and this was dispensed at the time of Peters' arrival by a born autocrat Colonel Talbot Chambers." [Source] (Link added)

Chambers was born in Pennsylvania.  Some of his family history can be found here.

"[In the War of 1812] Captain Talbot Chambers, and part of the fifth United States regiment, afterwards crossed to Squaw Island and burnt her with her valuable cargo of furs. The Caledonia's cargo was estimated at 200,000 dollars." [Source]

Colonel Talbot Chambers was wounded in the War of 1812 according to this report (also seen here):

Talbot Chambers to be lieutenant colonel, 8th March 1817, in a Rifle Regiment:

Court Martial, April 1826,Cantonment Morgan, Georgia
The court martial record can be seen here according to this message.  Colonel Talbot Chambers was cashiered by the military on 28 April 1826.

An 1839 letter referred to the late Col. Talbot Chambers:

Fold3: Military Records

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