25 March 2018

Heirs Of Joseph Acklin

Notes taken from  Franklin County, Tennessee: Wills, 1808-1876 & Deeds, 1801-1840by Thomas E. Partlow:

Joseph Acklen Will
25 May (March?) 1841
Heirs: wife Sarah
Son Joseph Acklen; daughters Kizia, Elizabeth and Mildred

From a different source (AGLL Microfilm V-202-20): 
Const & Appt. Thos Wilson & James Sharp of Winchester, TN, executors  25 Mar 1841

Joseph was the son of Christopher and Christian (Black) Acklin.

This Joseph Acklin?
Alabama Records (Madison)
Vol 138, Page 436
Original bill filed 6 Apr 1821
John Turner on November 12, 1818, purchased land of Joseph Acklen whose wife Sally has never relinquished her dower, though often promising; they have now removed to the State of Tennessee...A deed of trust was executed by John Turner and wife, Elizabeth.  Answer of Joseph Acklen on 28 July, 1821, was made in Madison Co., Alabama.

This Joseph Acklin?


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