04 February 2018

Thomas Lincoln In Kentucky

Thomas Lincoln Plaque In Harrodsburg, Kentucky

"The Lincoln kinsman" (Same article, different format)

Thomas Lincoln seems to have been more often in the company of Isaac Bush than any other members of the family. It was with Isaac that he made a flatboat trip to New Orleans in 1806. On March fourth both of them received some advance money in anticipation of the trip. On May sixth they were both back in Elizabethtown again and both purchased on the same day half of a calf skin for some new boots. Some other interesting purchases were made by Isaac. He bought a dictionary for six shillings, a copy of Scott's Lessons for seven shillings and six pence, and the same day purchased several items, noted as sundries, for his sister, Sarah Johnston. One wonders if his copy of Scott's Lessons is the one that finally

On May 20, 1806, Thomas Lincoln loaned Isaac Bush fifteen pounds in gold, and two days later Isaac ordered a new suit of clothes. There are numerous entries of Isaac Bush in the Bleakley and Montgomery store book. Thomas Lincoln's major transaction with Isaac, however, was the purchase from him on December 12, 1808 of the farm in Larue County where Abraham Lincoln was born the following February. This farm later was in litigation and both Lincoln and Bush had some difficulties in trying to clear their titles. It is doubtful if either one of them came out of the deal without suffering some loss in the venture. Not very much is known about Elijah Bush, but like other members of the Bush family he was a well dressed pioneer, buying at one time a "furr hat" for which he paid one pound and sixteen shillings and at another time two pairs of men's gloves and one pair of ladies' gloves.

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