20 February 2018

Palmer Swinyer In Ware, Massachussetts

Civil War Company H, 96th Regiment, New York Volunteers (called Swiner instead of Swinyer):

United States Census, 1860
Town of Peru, Clinton, New York
Mitchel Swinier M 44 Vermont
Martha Swinier F 41 Vermont
Palmer Swinier M 21 New York
Adaline Swinier F 19 New York
Emaline Swinier F 17 New York
Hollish Swinier M 15 New York
Harriet Swinier F 13 New York
Evaline Swinier F 9 New York
Wallace Swinier M 5 New York
Aletta Swinier F 1 New York
Source: FamilySearch

Palmer Swinyer (Swinier in census), 1st cousin 4x removed (son of Mitchel Swinyer); grandson of Mitchel Swinyer and Mary Staves, who were also my ancestors.

Palmer was listed as a Sweeney (not Swinyer) in the Directory...Ware, Massachusetts:


1900 Census
Ware Town...Hampshire, Massachusetts
Palmer Sweeney Head M 60 New York
Delia Sweeney Wife F 55 New York
Emma Sweeney Daughter F 34 New York
Orilla Sweeney Daughter F 29 New York
Peter Sweeney Son M 27 New York
Albert Sweeney Son M 25 New York
Katie Sweeney Daughter F 22 New York
Henry Sweeney Son M 16 New York
Source: FamilySearch

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