13 August 2017

Petitts In Grimsby


From Déliberations Et Mémoires de la Société Royale Du Canada:

Jonathan and Deborah Pettit lived in the State of Pennsylvania. Part of their land was in New Jersey. There were two sons, Andrew and Nathaniel. *Andrew married Sarah Smith in 1780, and in 1787, with wife and four children, started for British territory.

His brother Nathaniel lived on a farm between Grimsby and Beamsville. He owned the land on which Grimsby now stands. Nathaniel Pettit owned lot No 9 in the first and lot No 9 in the second concession.

From the Grimsby Museum:

"This Indenture of Land  [see Indenture online] was made between *Andrew and Sarah Pettit and their son Jonathan A. Pettit on August 17, 1814.  Lot 14, Concession I & II, 160 acre lot."

John B. Pettit, son of Jonathan and grandson of Andrew:


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