01 July 2017

Canadian Ancestors In 1867

Per the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog, Patricia Greber, of My Genealogy Life, challenged Canadian genealogists to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday by listing all our ancestors that were living in Canada in 1867... .

I'm American, not Canadian, but I do have some qualifying ancestors (even though I'm disqualified!):

Mrs. Mary (LNU) Howard was born in Canada ca 1791 and lived in Grimsby
Ann (Howard) Kennedy, born ca 1809, Grimsby, Ontario
*Mary Agnes (Kennedy) Powers, born in 1834, Grimsby, Ontario
John Powers, born 1834, Grimsby, Ontario
William Powers, born 1859 in Grimsby, Ontario
Donald Cameron, born Cumberland Ontario, 1850
Richard P. Cameron, born 1819, Quebec
Bridget (Higgins) Cameron, Lambton County, Ontario, in 1867

On a "related" note, William McDougall, one of the Fathers of Confederation, was the father-in-law of Jane Howard. Jane was the first cousin of my 2nd great-grandmother, *Mary Agnes Kennedy.

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