17 April 2017

Maria (Morgan) Woodbridge's Family

...Colonel George Morgan...was the great-grandfather of Mrs. J. A. (Laura Woodbridge) Gallaher of Marietta, her grandfather Dudley Woodbridge, Jr., having married Maria Morgan.  She gave the collection to her grandson, Charles Penrose, of Marietta, from whom the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society obtained it.

Blennerhassett's Island Home

Blennerhassett, of Blennerhassett-Burr fame, bought his island in the Ohio River from Elijah Backus, Mrs. Gallaher's great-uncle, and was a business partner of her grandfather, Dudley Woodbridge, Jr.

See first post June 3, 2013, also taken from the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Quarterly... (in addition, see the Woodbridge-Gallaher Collection ).

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