13 April 2017

John H. Ostrom's Probate File

Wayne County, Michigan, Probate
File 3221 [Image 6]
Died in April of 1845
at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, New York

The petitioner was Henry B. Ostrom of Oneida, New York for the administration of John H. Ostrom, late of Oneida, New York (Utica).  Mary B. [Walker] Ostrom was John's widow and was the executrix until her death on 28 February 1860.

Heirs at law as of 12 June 1860 (heirs also listed here):
Susan E., widow of Abram Dodge, deceased, of Illinois
Mary Ann Barber, wife of Lorenzo Barber, of Syracuse, New York
Charlotte Bronson, wife of Jacob Summers, of Oakland County, Michigan
William Bureson? of Oakland County, Michigan
The heirs of Maria Loomis, deceased, formerly of Michigan, daughter of Daniel and Hannah Bronson, of Oakland County, Michigan
Isabella Stede Walker, Louisa Buloid Walker, and Eliza Field Walker, James Walker of New York City
Annie Breese Walker, Susan Walker and Mary Seymour Walker of Utica, New York
Mary H. Williams, wife of J. B. Williams and Jane E. Hardy and Louise Hardy, all of Utica, New York
Jeannette Butler, wife of Carmi? Butler, of New York City, the heirs of Lydia and Sarah, children of Joseph and Susan Mott of New York
Maria Reese Jones of Utica, New York
Foreign Missionary Society
Domestic Missionary Society
Anna Maria Ostrom of Utica, New York
Henry Bronson of Jackson, Michigan
Henry B. Ostrom

Surrogate Court was held at Baggs Hotel in Utica, Oneida County, New York, on 28 October 1845, to prove and record John Ostrom's Will.  

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