11 April 2017

Electus Backus Out West

later diary (another chronicled a Seminole War in Florida)as described in the WorldCat database:

The 31-page diary by Electus Backus covers his time traveling from San Antonio to El Paso, Texas in 1850 and 1851. 

"...members of the Sitgreaves Expedition...".

From The Sitgreaves Expedition Report

"There is one diary page by Backus in June 1848 while he was taking part in the Mexican War...he mentions meeting General Stephen Kearny."

"There is also one letter by Electus Backus, Sr., to his brother Andrew in New York. This letter was written while he was with the US Army in New Orleans in 1809."

See a post regarding the probate file of Electus Backus's estate filed in Wayne County, Michigan.

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