07 February 2017

What About Mary?

Mary (LNU) Howard, who was thought to be of  German descent (census information), was born circa 1791 in Upper Canada.  Where were the population centers of Upper Canada (Ontario), especially any German communities, when Mary was born?  An 1800 map of Upper Canada may be helpful and can be found here.
A breakdown of Towns and Townships of Upper Canada and when they were settled can be found here
Mary married William Howard about 1808; where did they meet?  William (presumably it was our William) sold a piece of his property in Kent County, Ontario, in 1805 and again in October 1809.  William was living in Grimsby, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada, when he purchased property in 1817.   A history of early Niagara settlement is online here.

United Empire Loyalists who settled Upper Canada are listed by name here. Population density in the Niagara area in 1817 here.  Early Niagara baptisms -- is Mary listed here?

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