23 January 2017

David Isaac Fowler Probate

New York, Probate Records, Livingston Wills 1845-1861 vol 3:

Livingston County, New York
10 October 1852

...Elting J. Fowler, the Executor named in the Last Will and Testament of David J. Fowler, late of the town of Nunda...

Last Will and Testament

David I. Fowler, of Covington, Wyoming, New York
Wife: Jemima
Son: Elting J. Fowler
Daughter: Mary Ann Alsdorf
Mentioned: Hannah Warner, wife of Eben Warner
Daughter: Hannah Childress???
Mentioned: David Alsdorf

From the "Gazetteer and biographical record of Genesee County, N.Y., 1788-1890":

"Dr. J. D. Fowler was a son of Deacon David J. Fowler, one of the pioneer settlers of Covington, Wyoming County. He studied medicine with his brother-in-law. Dr. Eben Warner, was graduated, and began the practice of his profession in Byron. He became a member of the Genesee County Medical Society in 1841 and died two years later from the poison received in  post mortem examination. He was a young man of great promise, and his early death was much regretted by all who knew him."

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