26 December 2016

Potential X-DNA Ancestor Matches

See X Marks the Spot on the DNA Explained blog.

My brother's X potential matches below.  The male X chromosome is derived solely from the maternal side.

J. Joanne Garrett (mother)

James Garrett and Katie I. Johnson
James Garrett's mother, Sophia Swinyer
David Swinyer and Mary Jane Snay [Sophia Swinyer's parents]
David Swinyer's unknown parents
Peter Snay and Sophia Swinyer [Mary Jane Snay's parents]
Mary R. [unknown last name] Peter Snay's mother
Mitchell Swinyer and Mary Staves [Sophia Swinyer's parents]
Other unidentified matches

James D. Johnson and Katie Rice (maternal grandparents)
Nancy Graves [James D. Johnson's mother]
Nancy Graves' parents [identities unknown]
James Rice and Nancy Patillo [Katie Rice's parents]
Ann Hinds [James Rice's mother]
William Hinds and Elizabeth Acklin [Ann Hinds' parents]
William Hinds' mother [identity unknown]
Christopher Acklin and Christian Black [Elizabeth Acklin's parents]
Other unidentified matches

I'm an X match with my brother, but our paternal aunt is not.  Our DNA results at FTDNA confirmed this.

My maternal matches sync up with my brother's.  In addition, I have the potential paternal X matches listed below:

Richard N. Powers [father]
Beatrice Cameron [grandmother]
Donald Cameron and Anna Cameron [same surname]
Donald Cameron's mother, Nancy Cameron [Cameron was her surname]
Anna's parents, Duncan Cameron and Ellen Cameron [same surname]
Nancy Cameron's parents, Allen Cameron and Mary McMillan
Duncan Cameron's mother, Mary McMillan
Ellen Cameron's parents, Ewen Cameron and Bridget Higgins
Other unidentified matches

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