26 November 2016

The Pawling Brothers

Background of the Pawling brothers from Déliberations Et Mémoires de la Société Royale Du Canada:

Benjamin and Jesse Pawling were brothers, sons of a Welshman who had settled in Pennsylvania.  At the outbreak of the Revolutionary War they refused to take up arms against the British, and their property was confiscated or burned. Driven out, they made their way to Nova Scotia, whence by walking and canoeing they reached Quebec. Here they enlisted and fought till peace was proclaimed. Benjamin was a Captain-Lieutenant in Butler's Rangers, and at the close of the war was advanced to be a Colonel. He was reported at Detroit about 1784, evidently intending to settle there, but he left for Niagara and drew land on the lake front immediately east of Port Dalhousie. Jesse's land was to the west of this.

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