12 September 2016

Thomas Browne And A Cameron Connection

From the beginning of the Revolutionary War, East Florida served as a retreat for loyalist refugees from the Carolinas and Georgia. As early as 1776, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Brown, himself a fugitive from Savannah, formed a regiment in whole or in part of these refugees which he called the East Florida Rangers. [Source]

Thomas Brown and the Siege of Augusta [September 12 - 18, 1780] described here.

"Lieut. Col. Thomas Brown, the commander there, called in some Indians allies to aid in defense. 200 Cherokees subsequently joined his 150 of his King’s Carolina Rangers and some militia. Augusta (i.e. Fort Cornwallis) was not adequately fortified at that time, and Brown attempted to moved his position...". 

Articles of Capitulation proposed by Brown at Augusta (at a later date than the Siege of Augusta):

In the aftermath of the Revolutionary War, Thomas Brown received land grants.  See A look at the Loyalist planters who helped shape the Caicos Islands.

Donald Cameron was quartermaster under the command of Thomas Brown(e).  Was he the Donald Cameron who was Brown's son-in-law.  Was he our ancestor, Donald Cameron?  Some think so, however, there is no definitive answer yet.

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