26 September 2016

Silas Gaskill Of Lapeer and His Papers

From my notes taken at the Bentley Library at the University of Michigan:

Silas Gaskill

Jan 27
Ebenezer Cady
Return in estate of Alpheus Cady
probate court Petition for Admin.

Feb 8th
Mrs. Margaret Powers ___ etc

Feb 8th
Liberty B. Irish
Retained v. Sarah Jane Irish
Circuit Ct Chancery Div
?? to ___ & stamps

Pg 2  Feb 7
Martha Wilcox
Retained Charges
Orrin Wilcox (Dirv..)

Feb 22
Elisha __ Harrison Gee(r)

March 3
J__ Hemmingway and John He__
C__ Beebe

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