17 September 2016

Kit Acklin's Service Record In The Texas Rangers

Statue At The Texas Ranger Museum 

Texas Rangers Service Records, 1830-1846, by Mrs. Frances Terry Ingmire, 1982 for *Christopher Black (Kit) Acklin below.  An interesting note: *Kit Acklin will be played by actor Trevor Donovan in the History Channel's original mini-series 'Texas Rising'

  • Acklan, C. B., Pvt, Comm. Off.: Hays, J. C., Capt., Organ: Rangers, Enlist June 27, 1844, in Bexar Co., Disc.; August 27, 1844, Ranger Muster Roll.
  • Acklin, C. B., Pvt.; Comm. Off.: Hays, John C., Capt.; Organ: Rangers; Enlist: 26 April 1841, Disc.; June 26, 1841, Ranger payroll.
  • Acklin, C. B., Pvt., Comm. Off: (none listed?): August 28, 1844, in San Antonio; Disc. October 28, 1844, Ranger muster roll.
  • Acklin, C. B., Pvt., Comm Off., Rangers, Enlist  August 28, 1844, in Bexar County; Disc., October 28, 1844, Ranger muster roll
  • Acklin, C. B., Pvt, Comm Off   Hayes, John C., Captain; Organ.: Ranger muster roll, Enlisted October 29, 1844; Disc., 29 December 1844.  Ranger muster roll

Christopher Acklin was also a Captain in the Mexican War.

Also see Kit Acklin: The Report Of His Death Was Greatly Exaggerated

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