15 September 2016

Joseph Lenz #2609 1/2


Magdaline Andree, formerly Magdaline Lenz, widow of Jacob Lenz; [mother and] guardian of Joseph Lenz.

2609 [Image 232]

Fort Gratiot road Image 226

New sidewalk Labrosse Street

Other items from the probate file:

John Andre receipt [presumed step-father of Joseph Lenz]

Receipt for a coffin for Jacob Lenz

John Jeup receipt for work on house

Names on inventory, including Mr. Gamelin [Image 164]

Real estate description

John Dederick, Surety

The previous page mentioned the estate of Ferdinand Lenz, deceased.

Assessment of Hastings street in front of the above named premises...lease of the wagon and blacksmith shop...Anton Sharper (or Shaefer)....

4th Ward Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
John Andre M 34 Prussia
Magdalena Andre F 39 Prussia
John Andre M 1 Michigan
Joseph Lentz M 11 Michigan
Mary Schneider F 27 Prussia

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