09 August 2016

William Davis's Petition

From my Which Davis I Which? blog post:

The key element is the Davis connection to John Cowdall. Most (if not all) researchers acknowledge John Cowdall as Abigail Davis's step-father and it was he and her mother, Joan (Mary) Cowdall, who forced Abigail into a marriage with Richard Ussell, which was later documented by the Rhode Island colony. That marriage was eventually annulled and Abigail then married Edward Richmond as she first intended. 

The excerpt below is a petition by Abigail (Davis) Richmond's brother, William Davis, regarding his father's estate and his mother and step-father's bearing upon it, in the book Davis families of Early Roxbury and Boston:

"John [Condell/Cowdell] mortgaged his dwelling house in Boston which had formerly belonged to 'William Davies, the smith (Liber I, Page 57)... .'

Source [Page 184]

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