28 July 2016

The Bush's And Lincoln's Together


Excerpts from "The Lincoln kinsman" (different format)

Sarah Bush Lincoln, step-mother of Abraham Lincoln, was born in what is now Hardin County, Kentucky, on December 13, 1788... .  The names of her husband, Thomas Lincoln, as well as her Bush family members, were found together on Kentucky documents.

July 28, 1795
"Ordered that Christopher Bush, Daniel Linder, Stephen Rawlins, and Hannah Lincoln after being duly sworn do view the most convenient way for a road from Jacob Van Meter's mill to the Court House and report at the next court."

"Thomas Lincoln became intimately acquainted with Christopher Bush in 1805. Between the year 1797 and 1802 Thomas was with his uncle Isaac in Tennessee and then back with his mother in Washington County, Kentucky, but by 1803 he had taken up his residence permanently in Elizabethtown. About this time Christopher Bush began to take an interest in politics, and he received an appointment as captain of a patrol in which Thomas Lincoln was one of his patrolers."

"Ordered that Christopher Bush, Robert C. Slaughter, Thomas Lincoln, Gregory Glasscock, be and they are hereby appointed patrolers in the northwardly district of this County and the said Christopher Bush be and he is hereby appointed Captain of said Patrolers." Order Book B, 17, Hardin County Court.

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