13 July 2016

Probate For Greers Of Greene County

Greers in Georgia Probate Records, Greene Estates 1790-1943...:

Image 189

Description of other Greer-related documents:

Image 192 is a document listing items that were received in full by William Greer, guardian of Henry Greer (20 March 1827).

Image 198 mentioned the estate of James Greer, deceased.

Image 204 was a document that mentioned Elizabeth Greer.

Image 207 - Henry H. Greer and Nancy J. Greer

Image 211 Miss Nancy J. Greer to James H. Daniel

Henry [Image 224] Henry Greer to ___ Blanton

To William Greer, guardian
Elizabeth E. Greer, now Bledsoe
Sarah Greer, now Greer
Vincent Greer
Nancy J. Greer, now Thompson
Henry H. Greer

Signed William Redd, Abraham Greer, Jeremiah Ragan

1818 Orphan returns [Image 269]

1817 Elizabeth Greer [Image 312]

1815 Orphans Return [Image 323]

24 June 181? tract of land in Wilkinson County [Image 325]

William Greer [Image 349]

Image 351, William Greer, Guardian for Vincent Greer
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