26 June 2016

Scots Rule


"Very many of the names appended to the immortal declaration of independence are names of Scotia's sons." 

"The great chief-justice...who...did more than any other to crystallize and make permanent what our Revolutionary heroes fought for, national unity in the bonds of constitutional government, was John Marshall, the descendant of a Scotch emigrant."

"Who fails to recognize as of true Scot's blood among our Presidents, those who bear the names of Adams, Monroe, Tyler, Jackson, Taylor, Buchanan, Grant, Johnson, Hayes, and Arthur?"

"...every Scot must feel proud of what his race has done for America. But to every true Scotchman who now finds his home in this magnificent country his forerunners and kinsmen helped to carve out of a wilderness almost impenetrable, it should be an incentive to loyalty, to patriotism, to all that is good and great in what goes to make up national life.... ."

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