04 June 2016

Personal Legal Travails Of Edward Richmond

An interesting analysis regarding Edward Richmond from The Transatlantic Constitution: Colonial Legal Culture and the Empireby Mary Sarah Bilder (Note: This is one of the few sources I've used that is not a free book.):

"Men without such strong family connections acquired their legal skills through observation and participation."  "The personal legal travails of Edward Richmond provided him entry into the legal world."

  • 1650's Edward Richmond planned to marry Abigail Davis
  • Abigail Davis's family pressured her into marrying Richard Ussell
  • June 1656 Richmond's attorneys were unsuccessful in suing Ussell for trespass
  • Edward Richmond initially lost the suit, but gained legal knowledge
  • Richmond's attorneys proposed a more successful argument against Ussell and Abigail Davis's step-father, John Cowdall.  Richmond received monetary damages, but Abigail remained married.
  • After the General Assembly was petitioned, the Abigail Davis/Richard Ussell marriage was declared unlawful
  • A 40 shilling monetary damage was levied against both Edward Richmond and Abigail Davis for living together and conceiving a child
  • In June 1658, Edward and Abigail were married

Edward Richmond was serving as a "general solicitor and general attorney" in the 1660's

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