23 June 2016

Marching From Murfreesboro

Abandoned Mill In Middle Tennessee

The Campaign For Chattanooga (The Middle Tennessee Campaign):

Marching from Murfreesboro, Triune, and Franklin on the 23d of June, 1863, General Rosecrans moved against Bragg, who was strongly fortified at Shelbyville and Tullahoma, his lines also occupying various gaps—Hoovers, Liberty, Bellbuckle, Guys, and others—in a range of rough, rocky hills that covered the position of his infantry, which extended from Shelbyville to Wartrace.

Source: Portrait Of General Bragg

Bragg's cavalry was thrown well north of Duck River, and extended from McMinnville on the east to Spring Hill on the west. Folk's corps was at Shelbyville; Hardens headquarters was at Wartrace, and his troops held Hoovers, Liberty, and Bellbuckle gaps.

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