30 May 2016

The Dickinson Duel

An excerpt from the Reminiscences Of Colonel Chester in The magazine of American history with notes and queries:

He [Andrew Jackson] then spoke of the Dickinson duel, and showed me on his own person the course of the ball which drew blood. " Jackson once spoke to me of that duel," he said. " He told me Dickinson was never known to miss his mark, and he felt sure of being killed unless he maintained entire self-control. Dickinson's shot barely missed his heart. ' Then,' said Jackson, ' I had to kill him.'

Dickinson had repeated some slanders about Mrs. Jackson. It is true that Jackson was married to her before the divorce was granted. He was told when it had been obtained, and as soon as he heard that his marriage was premature, he went back to Dr. Craighead and had the marriage ceremony performed over again.

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