17 May 2016

Randall's American Relatives

In 1799, Bridgewater Mills was sold to Robert Randall of Maryland. Randall obtained permission to add iron works to the mill. Randall became successful enough that he became the largest land owner in Upper Canada. Although in 1808 he fell heavily in debt and was jailed in Montreal where he remained until after the War of 1812.

Named as heirs in the Will of Robert Randall of Willoughby, in the County of Lincoln, District of Niagara, and Province of Upper Canada, Esquire, deceased. [A partial list of documents in the probate file here] were:

Maria Stark, a widow, of Montreal, for kindness when he was in jail in Montreal; Canadian named ____ Bellange of Montreal 
The rest in 10 equal parts:

Daughter [by Deborah Pettel, perhaps Pettit] Lavinia Culp, the wife of Isaac Culp, of Stamford, in the District of Niagara, blacksmith, and her four sons, 2/10 shares of the whole, to be divided....

Frederick Smith, of Willoughby, aforesaid, farmer, and his children, Thaddeus, Maria*, Frederick and William, Edwin and George, 3/10 of the whole....
*See A True Wife.
Nephew Gerard Gover Wilson of Baltimore in Maryland (the son of my half-brother, Samuel Wilson) and to his sisters that may be living.....
Baltimore's Friendship Fire Company's secretary was Gerard G. Wilson.  Samuel Wilson, treasurer.
Gerard Wilson, Baltimore, cavalry War of 1812.

The Wilsons retained the present Chief Magistrate of the United States [presumably Millard Fillmore] to look after their interest, who, after such inquiries as he was enabled to make, wrote the petitioner from Buffalo, 9th February, 1838, speaking.. his law firm there, "From what we have been able to learn, toe are led to think that Mr. Randall was greatly injured...the Government party while living."

Nephew Randal Wallace, 1/10 of whole
Remaining 2/10 to be divided between William Hewston, living somewhere in Nova Scotia, William Lyon Mackenzie, William B. Wilson, Thomas Hoornor and Dorton John J. Jefferty.....

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