27 May 2016

Lieutenant Holmes' Garrison


Journal Of Captain Thomas Morris, Of His Majesty's XVII Regiment Of Infantry; Detroit, September 25, 1764. (1791;1904)

"The day after, on the seventh of September, in the morning we got into easy water, and arrived at the meadow near the Miamis fort [present day Fort Wayne, Indiana], pretty early in the day. We were met at the bottom of the meadow by almost the whole village, who had brought spears and tomahawks...even the little children had bows and arrows to shoot at the Englishman who was come among them...".

"...I saw a man cutting wood. I was surprised to hear him speak English. On questioning him I found he was a prisoner, had been one of Lieutenant [Robert] Holmes's garrison at the Miamis Fort, which officer the Indians had murdered, a young squaw whom he kept having enticed him out of the garrison under a pretext... ."  "...and afterwards killed all the garrison except five or six whom they reserved as victims to be sacrificed when they should lose a man in their wars with the English. They had all been killed except this one man whom an old squaw had adopted as her son."


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