30 April 2016

Petition Of Isaac Ruddle

Landscape In Kentucky

From the Petitions of the early inhabitants of Kentucky to the General Assembly of ..., by Virginia. General Assembly:

"The petition of Isaac Ruddle Humbly sheweth that your petitioner In the year 1779 was appointed to the Command of a Compy for the Reduction of the Illinois under the then Colo. Clark, 

that He raisd a Company on Holstain and supplied them with the necessary arms Provision Bags and pack Horses for the falls of Ohio to which place he Marchd them that in the Beginning of March 1780 your petitioner with His Company was ordered on Duty to a frontier station on Licking By John Bowman the then County Lieutenant of Kentucky County that your petitioner with His Company was on the 24th of June 1780 Captured by a party of British and Indians under the Command of Capt. Bird from Detroit to which place they were taken and their remaind in Captivity till the 3d Nov 1782 when He returnd to the District of Kenty....".

More about Isaac Ruddle in Senate Documents.

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