18 April 2016

Lieutenant Thomas Tracy


There is a lot of controversy over the origins of Lt. Thomas Tracy. [Source]  From my blog: Did Lt. Thomas Tracy Marry The Widow Mason?  This publication indicated that Thomas Tracy married Edward Mason's widow.

More about Lieutenant Thomas Tracy (uncertain of their reliability):

Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the ..., Volume 3By Cuyler Reynolds, profiled the Tracy family; and Genealogy of the Family of Lt. Thomas Tracy, of Norwich, Connecticut  By Matilda Ormond Taylor Birchard Abbey.

My lineage:

Lieutenant Thomas Tracy m. ?
Son Jonathan Tracy m. Mary Griswold
Daughter Mary Tracy m. Benjamin Parrish
Daughter Jerusha Parrish m. Benjamin Baker
Daughter Jerusha Baker m. John Backus
Son John Backus m. Hannah Fuller
Daughter Laura Backus m. Thomas P. Richmond
Daughter Cynthia Richmond m. James More
Daughter Addie More m. William S. Powers
Son Ralph N. Powers m. Beatrice Cameron
Son Richard N. Powers m. J. Joann Garrett
Daughter (Me)

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