20 April 2016

Garrard's Letters


Letter from Will Garrard, Jr. to Susan E. Garrard, 5 December 1819, that was sent from the Saltworks

  • Stayed at Brother Daniel's
  • Left the Dearborn there and traveled to this place on horseback
  • My dear Susan keep my little boy for me


This repository at Ohio State has the following entry:

Box 1 Folder 15
Letter, February 22, 1820.
(Folded sheet) Union Salt Works February 22nd 1820. Letter to Susan. Because of the change of weather Ned is sent to help at home. He's sent on a horse that is to be sold when it arrives. Writer is surveying land and will be returning home in 2 weeks. Signed by Will Garrard. The name Mrs. Susan E. Garrard is also written.

(Address) Mrs. Susan E. Garrard Paris By Ned.

Based upon other items in the archive and the biography of Capt. William Garrard, it appears that the maiden name of Mrs. Susan E. Garrard was Peer.

Box 2 Folder 3
Letter, October 15, 1825.
(Folded sheet with watermark AMIES Philad) Paris October 15th 1825. Letter to Henry. Garrards family has been sick. It is called _seasoning of the country'. Brother Val hired by a Mr. Johnson to teach a school of 20 boys. Describes a "tremendous cake" with cattle, birds, and fish and compared to Noah's ark. Signed you [appreciative sisters?] S. E. Garrard.

(Address) (Stamped) Paris 16 Oct. (Stamped) Paid 25 Mr. Henry Peers Troy Missouri.

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