13 April 2016

E. S. Otis At A Court-Martial In Detroit

Special Orders Issued From The Adjutant's Office In 1877:

The following order has been received from the War Department :

War Department,
Washington City, April 13, 1877.
Under the 72d Article of War, Revised Statutes, the President directs that a General Court-Martial assemble at Detroit, Michigan, on the 15th day of May, 1877, or as soon thereafter as practicable, for the trial of Captain C. A. Webb, 22d Infantry, and such other persons as may be brought before it.

From The Otis File At Fold3*

Detail for the Court.
*Lieutenant Colonel E [Elwell or Ewell] S. Otis, 22d Infantry
Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Brannan, 1st Artillery.
Major G. A. De Russy, 3d Artillery.
Captain R. N. Scott, 3d Artillery.
Captain E. R. Warner, 3d Artillery.
Captain J. R. Kelly, 3d Artillery.
Captain G. F. Barstow, 3d Artillery.

1st Lieutenant James O'Hara, 3d Artillery, Judge Advocate of the Court.

No other officers than those named can be assembled without manifest injury to the service.

GEO. W. McCRARY, Secretary of War.

By command of General Sherman

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