29 February 2016

Peter Heywood And The Crew Of The Bounty

Not The Bounty


"This officer is a son of the late Peter John Heywood, Esq. a Deemster [Judge] of the Isle of Man, and Seneschal to his Grace the Duke of Athol, by Elizabeth, daughter of James Spedding, of Whitehaven, co. Cumberland, Esq.; and was born at his father's residence, the Nunnery, near Douglas, June 6, 1773."

"He entered the naval service as a Midshipman, Oct. 11, 1786; and made his first voyage in the Bounty, a ship of about two hundred and fifteen tons, which had been purchased by government and fitted up for the purpose of conveying the bread-fruit and other plants from Otaheite to the West India islands...". [Source]

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