01 February 2016

Harry Botsford McCain's Family

Source: Botsford Property Near the Last "E" In Clarenceville

Botsford Inn is a famous landmark in Oakland County, Michigan.  The Inn belonged to Harry Botsford McCain's grandparents, Milton and Lovina Botsford.

The Farmington Voice has a brief history of the Botsford Inn, including a very famous owner:

Originally built as a home in 1835, the building was later established as a roadside inn, 16 Mile House. Milton Botsford bought the property in 1860, changing its name to The Botsford Inn. The Inn’s owners have included Henry Ford, who restored it in 1924. The current owner, Botsford Hospital, completed extensive renovations in 2008.

Harry, born in 1861, was the son of Edward and Jane Ann (Botsford) McCain.  In 1859 there was a business, Botsford and McCain, general merchants:


Census  1860
Farmington, Oakland, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Edward Mc Cain M 28 New York [merchant]
Jane Ann Mc Cain F 17 Michigan

Jane (Botsford) McCain, who was the daughter of Milton (1812 - 1883) and Lovina Botsford (1818 - 1891), died before her 21st birthday.  

Harry McCain was living with his grandparents in Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan, in 1870; he was living in Alpena County, Michigan in 1880:

Census 1880
Alpena, Alpena, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Seth A L Warner Self M 39 Michigan
Emma G Warner Wife  F 31 Michigan
Nina F Warner  Daughter F 14 Michigan
Ethel Warner Daughter F 5 Michigan
Melinda Stearns Niece F 19 Canada
Harry Mc Cain Nephew M 19 Michigan
William S Warner Son M 12 Michigan

Harry McCain (and his wife, Effie (Scott) McCain) continued to live in Alpena:

Census 1910
Alpena Ward 2, Alpena, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Harry B Mc Cain Head M 48 Michigan
Effa C Mc Cain Wife  F 44 Michigan

Harry died on 24 December 1941 in Alpena, Michigan.  Effie died 4 December 1943.

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