15 February 2016

Fort Chartres Mentioned In Captain Morris's Journal

Fort de Chartres

The writer mentioned the repulse of the English troops in the Mississippi, who were going to take possession of Fort Chartres*,  blamed the Natchez nation for their ill conduct in that affair, made our loss in that attack to be very considerable, and concluded with assuring him, that a French army was landed in Louisiana, and that his father (the French king) would drive the English out of the country.

*The reference here is to the defeat and retreat of Major Arthur Loftus, who left Pensacola early in February, 1764, with a detachment of the 22nd infantry to proceed to the Illinois, and take possession for the English. On the nineteenth of March he was ambushed and fired upon near Tunica Bend on the Mississippi, and obliged to retreat to New Orleans. [Source

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