02 January 2016

THE John Brown Almost Lost To History

From The Plains Of Abraham, A History of North Elba and Lake Placid:

"...Old Mountain saw use for many more years by the wagons of local farmers... . The abolitionist John Brown of Harper’s Ferry fame was almost lost to history on Old Mountain. Then farming in North Elba, two miles from Lake Placid, he came near to death by freezing while walking home alone in mid-winter of 1850."

[See John Brown's grave located on the map above]


"John Brown's grave, at North Elba, Essex county, New York.  This tombstone was his grandfather's, Capt. John Brown, who died in the War of 1776 in a barn near New York City and was buried at Torrington, Conn., and while John Brown lived at North Elba, he went to Connecticut and helped to put a monument at his grandfather's grave, and when he came home he brought this stone with him."

"....have this stone that stood at his grandfather's grave set at the head of his and such additional inscription on it as were necessary just below that of his grandfather's which reads as follows "In memory of Capt John Brown...John Brown born May 9, 1800, was executed at Charlestown, Virginia, December 2, 1859."

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