16 January 2016

Made Her Way To East Florida


The Loyalists Of America...Egerton Ryerson:

"...a brief memoir of my maternal grandfather, Lieut.-Colonel Joseph Robinson, in his own handwriting... . The memoir would appear, from a statement contained in it, to be written in obedience to some order from the then Secretary at War, possibly calling upon the Loyalists in receipt of half-pay from the British Government for a record of their services... ."

"Colonel Robinson was a native of Virginia, and emigrated from somewhere about James River, in that province, to South Carolina, where he resided at the commencement of the revolution. After a reward had been offered for his life, as stated in his memorial, and he had been compelled to abscond, a party of rebels visited his plantation and burned to the ground his dwelling house and every building upon it, scarcely giving time to my grandmother (as she has often told me) to drag out of the house her two female children in time to save their lives."

A River In Florida

"My grandmother...made her way on horseback, in an overland journey of several hundred miles, to East Florida, where she joined her husband."

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