09 January 2016

Jacques Godefroy

Bradstreet - Near Lake Erie

Near Lake Erie

Excerpts about Jacques Godefroy from the Journal Of Captain Thomas Morris (1764)...:

"...the gratitude and fidelity of the Canadian Godefroy...".

"The prisoner, whose name was Godefroi, was accordingly sent for; and, as soon as he entered the tent, he turned pale, and fell on his knees, begging for mercy. The General [John Bradstreet] telling him that it was in his power to hang him, concluded with saying: 'I give thee thy life; take care of this gentleman.' The man expressed a grateful sense of the mercy shewn him, and protested that he would be faithful: and indeed his behaviour afterwards proved that he was sincere in his promise."

An article, Colonel Bradstreet and his Missing Expedition, expands upon the snippets above.

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