30 January 2016

Exploring Expedition To Lake Okeechobee

Florida, Though A Bit North Of Okeechobee

The Historical Magazine dated September, 1866, printed the Diary of the Indian campaign in Florida of 1837-8, written by Capt. Electus Backus, U.S.A.:

On January 23 Captain Backus was detailed to command an exploring expedition to Lake Okeechobee.

On arriving at Okeechobee he met Delaware Indians who brought news that the graves of those who fell in the battle of Okeechobee were violated.  January 30th Captain Backus was on the Okeechobee battleground, where he found the graves violated.  Colonel Thompson's vest, Colonel Gentry's shirt, and Captain Van Swearingen's stock were recognized.

He saw five or six dead Indians, nearly eaten up by dogs and buzzards.

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