05 January 2016

Chipman And Friends

LDS Church At Nauvoo, Illinois

Excerpts about the Chipman's Family's Life Among The Mormons from the History of Leeds and Grenville Ontario from 1749 to 1879... .

"...the Mormons at Fairwest came to the rescue of their brethren and raised the siege and escorted them to Fairwest. Chipman, and his friends from Bastard, camped out in the woods, about two miles from the Mormon headquarters. The Governor of the State called out the militia, about two thousand strong, and pursued the Mormons, many of whom were taken prisoners, including Chipman and his friends."

"At night they encamped, a small fire was built, around which was placed a guard of militia with orders to fire upon any captive who attempted to make his escape. Chipman and the other members of the party were without anything to eat during the entire day, but during the night were given some flour and salt, which they mixed with water on the end-board of a wagon, baking the mixture in the coals. The prisoners were retained in custody for two days and two nights."

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