08 December 2015

Reverend John Beatty

Reverend John Beatty and his 2nd wife, Rebecca, enumerated in the 1861 Census:

1861 Canadian Census
Province: Canada West (Ontario)
District Name: Northumberland
Sub-District Name: Cobourg

A profile and a painting of the Reverend John Beatty at Northumberland Heritage:

"John Beatty left Ireland in 1810 for New York State. Family tradition states that he intended to found a settlement in Upper Canada, but the War of 1812 delayed his move. Four years after the war
ended, he brought his family and a 26 wagon caravan...".

More information about their arrival in Canada:

"...arriving at York March 1819. After applying for free land, they were awarded grants in the new survey of Toronto Township [encompassing the City of Mississauga] locating together between Meadowvale and Grahamsville. The names of the settlers were~ Anderson, Armstrong, Brody, Coates, Duncan, Graham, Howard, Kent, Moore, Neeland, Rutledge, Todd, Whaley.

Note: My 3rd great grand uncle, Isaac Brock Howard, married John Beatty's daughter, Mary Jane Beatty.

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