26 October 2015

Crippen Trial And Modern Forensics


The Conviction of Dr. Crippen: New Forensic - Findings in a Century-Old Murder, from the Journal of Forensic Sciences, from Michigan State University.

[Excerpts from the] ABSTRACT:

Dr. Hawley Crippen was accused and convicted of murdering his wife in London in 1910.

In this study, genealogical research was used to locate maternal relatives of Cora Crippen, and their mitochondrial haplotypes were determined.

 Based on the genealogical and mitochondrial DNA research, the tissue on the pathology slide used to convict Dr. Crippen was not that of Cora Crippen. Moreover, that tissue was male in origin.

 Also see Richmond Ancestry Of Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen at my Richmonds and Connected Lineages blog.

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