14 October 2015

A Remarkable Baptism


"A man who has resided at Freetown corners for a number of years, by the name of John Backus, experienced religion at the age of twenty-five years."  He was baptized on 14 October 1838, at the age of 91 years, 1 month and 9 days.

This John Backus is our ancestor and Revolutionary War veteran John Backus, who was born in 1747.

The article also mentioned that one of John Backus's grandchildren was a highly esteemed Baptist minister.

Per The Genealogical Bulletin:

"...John Backus b. Aug 25, 1747, served in the Revolution...married Jerusha Baker...and removed 1812 to Freetown, NY, and died in Groton NY Feb 11, 1842, aged 95. Among his descendants may be noted Jay Spicer Backus, D.D., a celebrated Baptist clergyman."

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