12 September 2015

James Henry Of The Gunsmith Family

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets 1815-1816...File #149, Estate of James Henry:

[Image 916]  Mason Naylor, Philadelphia, PA, was a witness for Maria Henry and Ann Catherine Henry.

...Catherine Henry, daughter of Abraham Henry who was the brother of James Henry of Detroit...

Signature of Caroline E. Henry here.

Petition of Caroline Henry, Sabrina Henry, Washington Henry, Maria Henry and Ann Catherine Henry, children and heirs at law of Catherine Henry, late of Lancaster County, State of Pennsylvania, deceased...

This Henry family (see more here*).

*Abraham Henry (1768-1807) m. Elizabeth Martin (1769-1853); 9 children. Lancaster gunsmith.
Ann Catherine Henry (1794-1833) m. Mathew Schropp Henry (1790-1862); see below
Maria Henry (1796-1823) m. Samuel Henry Wolle (1799-1853); 2 children
George Washington Henry (1800-1874)

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