16 August 2015

The Bradley Yarn Manufacturers

Source - 1850 Ohio County, Virginia

In 1850 William Bradley, age 37, who was born in Yorkshire, England, was a yarn manufacturer doing business as The Bradley Woolen Factory in Ohio County, Virginia [later West Virginia].  His wife, Elizabeth, age 32, who was born in Pennsylvania, as well as children Thomas Leander, Mary, Martha, Samuel, and Albert S. were living with him.  Next door was Samuel Bradley, a yarn manufacturer also born in England, with his wife, Catherine [Anderson], and their children.

The Bradley Woolen Factory was described in a Beyond Hill and Hollow: Original Readings in Appalachian Women's Studies excerpt:

By 1860, William Bradley was dead and Elizabeth [Anderson] Bradley was the manufacturer.  The family was living in the 4th Ward of Wheeling, Ohio County,Virginia.  Wm A. [Willie Ann] was two years old, born the July following her father's death in January 1858.

Triadelphia, Ohio, West Virginia
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Elizabeth Bradley Self F 62 Pennsylvania
Alice B Eckhart Daughter F 34 West Virginia
Bradley Eckhart Grandson M 12 Missouri
Willie H Bradley Daughter F 21 West Virginia

My cousins are descendants of William Bradley and Elizabeth (Anderson) Bradley:

Alice Hood married William Powers
*Alice Isabella Banks marred Orville Hood
Robert Henry Banks married Willie Ann Bradley
William Bradley married Elizabeth Anderson

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