22 July 2015

Strang Letters

Notes from the Clement J. Strang letter(s) housed at Central Michigan University.  Strang was the son of a famous Mormon leader, James Jesse Strang, and the letters reflect items About the Strang family..


Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University included a Strangite Collection, which included a letter to Stanley Johnson (now an elder -- September 18, 1938) from Clement Strang:

Box 3
Items 6-12
"Old letters to Mr. Stanley Johnson 1936 - 1942 from Clement Strang"

Wrote to Joseph H. Hickey.  Joseph's two older brothers and Clement's brother were at that time serving out a stiff sentence for horse stealing in the Ohio penitentiary.

6 May 1939
Strang to Johnson
....Mary, Father's first wife ...positive Mrs. Atkins is mistaken re: name of Father's daughter being Annette  --Aunt Myraette...and a niece Myraette

  • Clement mentions adopted daughter in Lansing

  • Joseph Hickey -- negative attitude towards Clement Strang

  • Brother Charley
  • mother's baby James J.

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