05 July 2015

Baton Rouge And Commercial Control

Jim's Photo Of Wallpaper At The Old Louisiana Governor's Mansion In Baton Rouge

The contest for the commercial control of Louisiana grew more intense in the years directly preceding the opening of the revolution, with the odds greatly in favor of British traders.

Influenced by...trade and by the coming of the tories, driven from the colonies, Manchac and Baton Rouge developed with such rapidity that they threatened to overshadow New Orleans and become a menace to Mexico. In order to offset this influence, it was advised that Spanish merchants should be granted freedom of trade as at an earlier period; that an army should be maintained which would be adequate not only to defend Louisiana but in case of necessity furnish reinforcements for Mexico and Havana; and that forts should be built on Spanish territory opposite the mouths of the rivers flowing into the Mississippi. [Source]

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