26 June 2015

Wiki And A Map

"Then and Now is a regular feature by Grace Shackman in the Ann Arbor Observer. Articles are available on the Ann Arbor District Library web site. This is an effort to index the topics from each article."

A sample article was Orange Risdon's 1825 Map.

Source MSU Scanned Maps Of Michigan

More information about the Ridson map can be found on the MSU Map Blog:

"This is the first detailed map of part of Michigan Territory. By 1825 federal land surveyors had surveyed much of southeast Michigan. Two map makers woke up to the fact that the Erie Canal was going to bring many settlers to Michigan and these settlers would need information about the surveyed parts of the Territory. Competing maps were made by Orange Risdon and John Farmer, of which Risdon’s is the older and was drawn at a much larger scale."

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